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Di final banyak permainan Bertumpuk Termasuk Max Silver

Perjanjian itu meninggalkan tajuk dan $ 50,000 lagi untuk dimainkan. Difelice dapat meningkatkan momentum dan bahkan memimpin, tetapi dia menurunkan jumlah cip menjadi timbunan pendek yang jelas pada saat panggilan dan panggilan besar berikutnya berlaku. Kanada mendapat cip terakhirnya dengan A of Spades Suit 2 Spades Suit berbanding A Club Shirt 3 Diamond Suit dari […]

Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty Event Hun Wei Lee Wins World Series of Poker

Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty Event Hun Wei Lee Wins World Series of Poker – During the short hand play Lee started to withdraw from the crowd. He expanded his lead even further by knocking out Paul Teoh. Both players got all the chips in the pre-flop with Teoh holding A Heart Suit K Spades Suit Diamond […]

Activated for the Vines event at Planet Hollywood Resort Casino

On Saturday, July 1, the Vegas Fire and Rescue Charity Association will host fellow firefighters, neighbors, local celebrities, and poker fans at its acclaimed annual tournament, with results benefiting active and already active firefighters and rescue personnel. pension. This annual Don Vines Memorial No Limit Poker Tournament – a poker event for a reason – […]

Sports Advance Betting Bills Pair From the Louisiana Senate Committee

A pair of sports betting bills filed by Louisana Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, with one of its sponsors having completely reversed the issue since the last time it was in the legislature. Republican Senator Cameron Henry, a critic of last year’s sports betting bill, is actually the sponsor of the SB 130. Henry’s bill […]

Low Court Waiver of AG Lawsuits Against State Racinos

Lawsuits were filed by the state against three racino-style gaming properties in Alabama in 2017, but were rejected by the Macon County and Lowndes County circuit courts in 2019, according to Opelika-Auburn News. Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, who was appointed to the position earlier that year, argued that the property was operating in violation […]

Evolution Gaming is back again bringing in a good game

Coinciding with poker and blackjack, baccarat is one of the “big three” card games on the internet. Famous, loved, and widespread, baccarat has never lost popularity. Due to the magic of today’s technology, you can play it now easily whenever you want. All it takes is an internet connection and a reasonable device to play […]

The card should reward them with fine detail

Although playing cards are helped by the boldness and simplicity of the overall design, for those who are interested in the designs, they are there after careful checking. The bicycle deck contributes to a good fashion here, as while the two symmetrical circular features are immediately apparent for important design, a close study of the […]

Robert Turner is a legend in the poker world


Robert Turner, a legendary poker player, has contributed so much to our world of poker. As readers of the GamingToday newspaper, we are very fortunate to have him as one of his poker columnists. His recent column on “Poker can use behavior” raises an important issue that every casino must address. But first, let me […]