Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty Event Hun Wei Lee Wins World Series of Poker

Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty Event Hun Wei Lee Wins World Series of Poker – During the short hand play Lee started to withdraw from the crowd. He expanded his lead even further by knocking out Paul Teoh. Both players got all the chips in the pre-flop with Teoh holding A Heart Suit K Spades Suit Diamond Suit 3 Club Shirt Against A Spades Suit 9 Spades Suit 5 Heart Suit 2 Heart Suit from Lee. The planks fell 10 Diamond Suits 6 Club Shirts 3 Spades Suits J Spades Suits 4 Club Shirts and Lee immediately hit Teoh in fifth place. He cashed out a total of $ 37,038 including the prize.

Bradley Ruben is the next to fall. He got it all on the flop K Heart Suits 8 Spades Suits 7 Diamond Jackets with K Club Shirts 7 Heart Suits 6 Heart Jackets 5 Club Shirts for top and bottom pairs with an open straight draw. He fought Q Diamond Suit 8 Heart Suit 8 Diamond Suit 3 Spades Suit from Lee, who had dropped the mid-set visit lapak303. Bends and rivers did not earn Reuben and he was eliminated in fourth place ($ 39,472).

With that Lee took a massive lead into three-handed action, with nearly three times as many chips as the next biggest stack. He expanded his stack even further by eliminating early knockout specialist from the final table, Craig Timmis.

Both of them got their all after the flop. Q Spades Suit 6 Club Shirt 5 Heart Suit. Lee holds K Diamond Suits Q Heart Suits 4 Heart Suits 2 Spade Suits for the top pair and gutshot straight draw. Timmis holds J Heart Suits 6 Diamond Suits 4 Shovel Suits 3 Club Suits for medium pairs and open straight series. The turn brings 9 Club Shirts, which doesn’t help the player. K’s Club Shirt ultimately gave Lee the king and queen to win the pot, Timmis earning $ 66,836 as a third-place finisher.

Lee started to play heads-up with an approximately 5: 1 chip lead over Janne Peltoniemi. It only took him a few minutes to turn that lead into a title. Peltoniemi’s last 10 big blinds went all-in preflop with Diamond Suit K 8 Heart Suit 8 Diamond Suit 7 Diamond Suit. Lee held A Diamond Suits J Club Clothes 10 Spade Suits 10 Diamond Suits. Runout A Club Shirt 9 Shovel Suit 3 Heart Suit 2 Club Shirt 5 Diamond Suit secured the pot and title for Lee. Peltoniemi was awarded $ 64,246 as the runner-up finisher.