Asking yourself important questions will improve your poker game

Asking yourself an important question will improve your poker game – Sitting at a poker table with eight other players (plus the dealer), I know it is a virtue to focus my attention on the game – each section is given. Poker is a game of “partial info.” You never have all the info you want – neither will your enemies. However, you can gather more and more information than they do, giving you another advantage – as well as an edge. That’s a great skill. Info is ability!

When the hand is played, you can “talk to ourselves” without even saying a word. But, if it helps, you can mumble or make a sound – invisible to your enemies at the table. Caution: Some people may view this sound as it is said; so it’s probably better to just keep quiet.

The most recent research by the psychologist Dr. Ethan Kross, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Univ. from Michigan, recommends talking to ourselves is a better biological process that allows humans to get rid of depression, end problems, logic through difficult decisions, and focus with greater precision. (Ref. Psychology Today; June 2015).

I could add: Talking to ourselves helps strengthen and remember some of the things that may be important in helping you make the best decisions.

This helps you to focus your attention on the game in progress, as well as to watch your enemies when they play their hand.

It’s still wise to get more familiar with foreign ideas using an example: You’re in a $ 4- $ 8 limit hold’em game with a full table. In the middle place, you are given QQ in the holes – pockets of Queens. After the two enemies limped off, you carried for the thinnest part, so that the enemy would be less likely to pull you in, and your pocket Queens would have a better chance of always leading. Button as well as a few other calls to see how unsuccessful you are together.

The flop shows three ill-fitting medium / small cards: 10c-7d-4h. Bets are checked for you. Then, you unmistakably make a $ 4 bet. Buttons and Little Blind call your bet – no raise.

The turn card is 4d, place the pair on the notepad. Believing you held the best hand, after the Small Blind check, you bet for the value – $ 8. Big Blind hesitated.

He must have thought about moving his hands. Impossible! Instead he increased it to $ 16. Little Blind folded; this time your turn to take action.

Here you are talking to ourselves, asking some questions related to ourselves, and listening to your silent response to each question.

“What hand can he hold? What do I think he caught when 4d fell on his turn? Can he make a set of 4? It seemed that was what he was trying to represent.

What kind of player is he? I think he’s pretty tight and impossible to call my preflop increase a small pair of 4. It looks like, I think, he has two overcards on the scoreboard. Is he deceptive, and inclined to bluff? That’s right.

Those were just a few hands initially if he was caught trying to bully an enemy who called him two small pairs challenging Ace-high’s unsuccessful splash.

Yes, I thought he might try to bluff again. The odds are semi-bluff. It felt quite logical if he had two overcards. “

So that’s what you silently say to ourselves. And, on that basis, you decide to contact.

Blank river card. Since you do have doubts about the accuracy of your covert analysis of his hands, you check the river. After a short interval, he checked.

Your pocket queens grab the pot, when he messes his hand – face down – and murmurs furiously at you. Pay to talk to ourselves.

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