Sports Advance Betting Bills Pair From the Louisiana Senate Committee

A pair of sports betting bills filed by Louisana Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, with one of its sponsors having completely reversed the issue since the last time it was in the legislature.

Republican Senator Cameron Henry, a critic of last year’s sports betting bill, is actually the sponsor of the SB 130. Henry’s bill is very vague and does not specify anything like tax rates, where sports betting is permitted, or if mobile betting is permitted.

In exchange, the bill offers only issues to be included in a statewide referendum this November. If the bill passes the legislature and in the voting booths, if things go as smoothly as possible, Louisiana could have legal sports betting in the fall of 2021 visit lapak303.

According to Center Square, the bill was put through a committee “with little discussion and no objection,” meaning that it will likely have a lot of support when it heads to the floor for a full vote.

Henry told several media that he believes the full vote can come as soon as next week. An almost identical bill sponsored by Senator Ronnie Johns was also filed by the committee.

While there is some hope for the bill’s passage, there are still many social conservatives in the legislature who are against any kind of expansion of gambling for moral reasons. Proponents of the bill argue that the tax revenue the state can collect outweighs any moral harm.

Last year, a sports betting bill came to a standstill in the DPR and a bill that would regulate fantasy sports contests also went nowhere.

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